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What is the Process?

I have a passionate interest in a broad range of musical experiences, and I consider myself to be an able and flexible musician. As a music therapist, my intention is to discover the method best suited to the goals of treatment, with the most specificity possible. The through line of my approach is empathy, an unconditional positive regard, and a welcoming attitude towards all material brought into sessions. Some methods include:

Improvisation: Often, the quickest way to enter a musical state of mind and create a framework for self-discovery is to make things up on the spot, without any forethought. This may seem like an intimidating prospect, but if you've ever hummed a little tune, or tapped out a rhythm on a school desk, you have done it. My job as therapist is to provide the parameters and support to guide us in a fruitful direction.


Songwriting: A song is traditionally words with music, yet it can be so much more than the sum of its parts. Writing a song in Music Therapy provides many avenues for growth, through lyrical reflection, musical invention, and relating through collaboration with the therapist. 


Music Listening: Why do we find listening to music to be so profound and transporting, despite it being entirely passive (unless you're dancing, that is). It could be that our favorite artists strike upon universally resonant ways of thinking about ourselves that we hadn't considered before. Frequently, the quickest way to bond with someone is to play them your favorite song, to let them hear you through the music. This is an immensely powerful method for individuals and groups.



Singing: Just as listening to music can be a form of expression, so too can singing favorite songs. More than just embodying the original performance, this can be an opportunity to reimagine and rearrange the song to become even more emotionally resonant and personal. As therapist, I will be both your accompanist and biggest fan.


Recording: One of the more recent developments in Music Therapy is the implementation of recording technology. Being able to participate in the recording process, perhaps seen as reserved for established artists, can be very exciting and helpful for building self-esteem. As an experienced music producer, I can guide this experience through technical considerations, towards a finished document of your creativity, whatever form or genre it may take.

There are many more possibilities, and I'm totally open to exploring any ways in which music will help to achieve your goals.

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