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About Me

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I was born in Burlington, Vermont. I developed a love of music at a very young age, starting piano lessons when I was 6, and guitar lessons at 10. I earned a Bachelors degree in music at Skidmore College. Following an exploration of the musical culture of New York City, I happened upon the world of Music Therapy through a stint as a volunteer at NY Methodist hospital. The NYU Music Therapy program and subsequent employment have given me a broad range of experience, from children on the autism spectrum, to adults with mental health issues, and elders in a nursing home. I feel privileged to have found a career path that I find both enjoyable and personally meaningful.   


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I have a strong interest in practicing and learning music production. As a member of the musical group Gemma, I have produced several of our recordings.

"Keepsake" by Gemma
Single, 2020
"Offering" by Gemma
Single, 2020
From NYC-Sides Benefit Comp
Feeling's Not a Tempo by Gemma
Album, 2019

Composition &


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For most of my adult life, I have been composing, performing, and recording my own work. Here are some more recent selections:

A New Fog
Album, 2017
Worn of my Strings
Album, 2018
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